Borris House

Guided tours of Borris House are available to visitors and guests.

Borris-Lace-Collectionchapel2Borris House, primary seat of the McMorrough Kavanaghs, Kings of Leinster since the 1500’s, is steeped in Irish history.

The tour covers all aspects of the history of the house, from the original 15th century castle, right up to the present day. The tour also takes in the rich history of the Kings of Leinster as well as an introduction to the diverse and interesting characters of the McMorrough Kavanagh family who helped shape the house, estate and village of Borris as we see it today, such as Lady Harriet Kavanagh and the limbless Arthur Kavanagh.

There are so many things to admire on our tour from the beauty of the Stapleton ceilings to the unique Chapel of St Moling, situated beside the house as well as a room by room description of the exceptional architecture, antique furniture, carpets, porcelain, silver and paintings on display. The story behind the Borris Lace will be told and visitors will be able to see a small selection of this beautiful lace for themselves. Borris House offers one of the finest and most personal guided tours in Ireland and it promises to fill you with inspiration and intrigue.


Borris Demense

Grounds, Granary, Laundry & Lace Garden

Demense_2Visitors are invited into the grounds taking in the breathtaking views of Mount Leinster, the Blackstairs Mountains and the Barrow Valley; views that have been preserved by the McMorrough Kavangh family for centuries.

A new exciting addition is the introduction of our new lace garden, the recently restored granary barn and the Victorian laundry. The Victorian laundry has been faithfully restored as it was, with its original wooden sinks, possers, wash tubs, laundry baskets, irons and mangle. Come and visit this beautiful rustic space and get a taste of what life was like as a laundry maid in the Victorian times – not a washing machine in sight. Our new Lace Garden occupies the space originally called the laundry green and it takes inspiration from the world famous Borris Lace. This not for profit famine industry was founded by Lady Harriet Kavanagh to provide employment for the women of the village during the Great Famine. The garden uses symbols and shapes from the lace as well as a white colour palette of plants to tell this interesting story. Visit again and see how both the garden and story develops.

The granary is one of the oldest buildings on the estate dating back as far back as the sixteenth century. It was originally used to store the grain harvest but now visitors are invited to sit and enjoy a short film on the history of the house and the McMorrough Kavanagh family.

In the parkland and church paddock, visitors will find a rich selection of stunning trees growing; notable champions include a Cedar of Lebanon, Fern Leaf Beach and Tulip tree as well as some young but unusual specimen trees, shrubs and flora. Around the house, visitors can walk along the woodland paths, view the original stew pond and visit the 18th century ice house.  There is something for everyone to enjoy at Borris, no matter what age!



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Please Note: Tickets can be purchased at the Front Gate.

• Tours run Tuesday to Thursday, from May to September.
• House Tours are at 3pm on open days.
• Tours between October and May can be made by appointment. Please Call +353 (0)59 977 1884.
• Groups over 30 by arrangement.
• Children must be accompanied by an adult.